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It is no misnomer that Georgia adoption law is very inflexible. A single flaw can cause the adoption to become open to attack.  As such a patient and knowledgable attorney in the area of adoptions is crucial.


There are numerous types and ways to proceed to adopt:


    -    Step-parent Adoption         -    Extended family/Grandparent Adoption


    -    Foster parent Adoption       -    Third party/Non-relative Adoption


    -    Contested Adoptions          -    Surrogacy


-    Surrender of Parental Rights


-    Termination of Parental Rights


-    Deprivation (Neglect & Abuse)

-    Custody


-    Guardian Ad Litem Services


-    Home Evaluations

The largest portion of the firm is devoted to adoption and family child advocacy.  By having such devotion the office is able to provide an insurmountable level of personal attention and guidance to ensure that the adoption proceeds smoothly.   Families usually make contact with our office when they have identified a child they wish to adopt. No matter what your situation, contact us for a free initial consultation if you anticipate adopting a child in the near future or desire to intervene or object in a pending adoption. 


The office is available to assist in determining paternity, establishing legitimation, obtaining custody, guardianship, name changes, termination of parental rights, adoption, obtaining birth certificates, et cetera.


Our office is one of the few firms who will handle a contested adoption case. The office has represented families that have had children abandoned to them by the children's biological parents and subsequently object to the family adopting the child(ren), and other contested adoption situations.  We can help you protect your child, a realtive, or even an unrelated child in the community.  Call regarding a free consulation or make contact with us through our contact portal to the left.  Simply click Contact us.  We would love to hear from you.